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Checkpoint 360 (Feedback)


Checkpoint 360 is a leadership development tool that combines a 360 survey with a professional development report.

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0 - 19 $270.00
20 - 99 $240.00
100 - 199 $230.00
200 + $220.00

Checkpoint 360 feedback survey for Leadership Development

Your organization can’t afford ineffective managers and leaders. When they operate effectively, teams and individual employees thrive. But when they don’t, organizations suffer.

Checkpoint 360 is a feedback survey that helps organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their managers and leaders and provides a personalized approach to developing leadership skills and improving job performance.

The survey combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and even others who work with your leaders to help leaders and managers improve their performance and deliver on strategic goals.

Survey results highlight a manager’s performance across eight management competencies: communication, leadership, adaptability, task management, relationships, production, development of others, and personal development. Organizations can use feedback from the survey to identify talents, talent gaps, and focus areas to build personalized development plans. It also helps determine alignment opportunities between the leader and the organizational strategy.

Here are some of the benefits of using Checkpoint 360:

  • Develop leadership skills: The survey provides insights into a manager’s strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to develop targeted leadership development programs.
  • Improve job performance: The survey feedback can help managers identify areas where they can improve their performance, such as delegation, time management, or conflict resolution.
  • Boost employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction: When managers are effective, their employees are more likely to be engaged and productive.
  • Improve management training and skills development: The survey results can be used to improve management training programs and ensure that they meet the organization’s needs.
  • Identify talent gaps and develop critical skills: The survey can help organizations identify and develop critical skills needed to achieve their strategic goals.

Checkpoint 360 Cost

Checkpoint 360 is sold based on volume quantity:

Quantity Price per Assessment
1 - 19 Units $270.00
20 - 99 Units $240.00
100 - 199 Units $230.00
200+ Units Email for Pricing