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Personal Listening Assessments

Personal Listening Assessments

Improve your Listening Skills with a Personal Listening Assessment

Personal listening assessments attempt to understand what information we naturally seek in our interactions. Listening is a skill just like speaking, running, or writing. We form certain habits in how we use any of these skills.

These tools are researched for both validity and reliability. They were created to discover unique insights into what information they are listening for.

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Why use Listening Assessments?

Listening is the ability to receive, interpret, and respond to verbal and non-verbal messages. Listening is a skill and can be improved like any other skill with enough practice.

It’s estimated that people screen out or misunderstand the meaning of a message in over 70 percent of communications, making listening skills the largest factor in miscommunication.

Listening assessments can help individuals understand their blind spots when they listen. During a listening assessment, learners are asked to answer questions about themselves. There are no right or wrong answers. A learner’s Listening Style is dependent on how a learner answers their self-assessment. Once a person has completed their listening assessment and received their report, they can join a comprehensive training or start to work individually on improving how they listen using their report.

Start using Listening Assessments

Certification options are available for coaches and trainers.

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