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Everything DiSC is a Wiley Learning Solutions (WLS) brand, formally Inscape Publishing. The Everything DiSC Profile model is designed for use in the workplace for all employees including executives, management, and sales development. Everything DiSC is the third generation model of the DiSC® Classic graph-based paper version and online DiSC Classic 2.0 version (the small “i” distinguishes if the DiSC product is published by WLS).

In February of 2012 Inscape Holdings, Inc. was acquired by John Wiley & Sons. This acquisition and integration has created a powerful synergy between Inscape Holdings, a leading global provider of workplace learning solutions and Wiley’s Professional/Trade business. Wiley’s global workplace learning brand, Pfeiffer, has over a 40‐year history of offerings for professional development. Pfeiffer’s best‐selling authors include James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Patrick Lencioni, Edgar Schein, Peter Block, Ruth Clark, and Elaine Biech. Pfeiffer’s publishing partners include the Great Place to Work® Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership, The American Society for Training & Development, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Inscape Holdings, Inc. was formerly owned by the Carlson Learning Company, a division of the Minneapolis-based Carlson Companies. Carlson Learning was created in 1984, after Carlson Companies purchased Performax Systems International. It was at that time the Carlson made the decision to develop a user-friendly self-scoring and self-interpreting DiSC® assessment for the commercial marketplace. Carlson Learning made important revision of the DiSC instrument in 1994, updating it with new language, research, and validation. This resulted in a 28 question DiSC survey rather than the 24 question model that is still used by many other publishers.

Everything DiSC is the leader in DISC instrument-bases learning tools. They have developed assessments and learning products in 21 languages, which are offered in more than 50 countries. Over 41 million people have used Everything DiSC products to meet their needs through out the world.

Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions has refined the art of administering online assessments using adaptive testing in many of its profiles. They have integrated assessments and training materials using the most current technologies for just in time delivery along with the blending of constantly monitored and improved products based on “best practices” models from some of the today’s most respected companies.

In 2003, Inscape released EPIC, an online assessment-delivery system. EPIC allows trainers to send assessments as pre-work and print participant assessments prior to training sessions, thus freeing up costly training time for trainers to focus on training. In addition, EPIC increased Inscape’s ability to create highly personalized products. Today almost all of our assessments are completed online via EPIC. Everything DiSC has remained a company that continues to invest in research and brings new, cutting edge training assessments and materials to market on a regular basis.

For years Everything DiSC is the forefront  of self-directed assessments and profiles, evolving the D.I.S.C. model through their full line of DiSC profiles, surveys, action planners and training materials. In 2005 they released to the public the DiSC Classic Facilitation System, offering the most comprehensive, user-friendly, solution-based DiSC training and facilitation system in the industry complete with a video vignettes and scenarios and an over 250 PowerPoint library integrated into 15 training modules and training outlines. In 2013 they brought out the new Everything DiSC Application Library for Management, Sales, and the Workplace. This new, circumplex model of the DiSC uses a 79 question five point scale, which provides higher validity, reliability and greater personalization and customization of results. In the summer of 2010 a 360 degree survey was introduced that incorporated the new Everything DiSC model with the best elements of a 360 degree assessment.is called the Everything DiSC 363 Leader Profile. October 2011 brought the release of the Everything DiSC Work Of Leaders Profile the newest Leadership assessment based on Everything DiSC; the best practices of leaders; and the 8 dimensions of leadership a facilitator kit was released on December 2011. October 2012 brings the introduction of adaptive testing to the Everything DiSC Workplace profile, providing even higher validity and more personalized results.

Center for Internal Change, Inc. has become a key factor in bringing their products and experience to the end user for about 15 years. We have been the winner of the top award level for authorized distributors and partners of Everything DiSC / Inscape Publishing during this time.

Everything DiSC is a professional partner of ASTD.