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Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) is an ability that everyone can learn and improve. The EIQ-2 test allows a person to understand and develop their emotional intelligence. It measures a person in four areas: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Social Management. Strong awareness and management in these areas allow individuals to solve and overcome problems more easily and find more satisfaction in their personal lives and work more often.

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How Does the EIQ-2 Test Work?

In Daniel Goleman’s bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence, Goleman helps us understand that in every moment, we are experiencing the world through ‘two brains’: our rational brain (the Frontal Lobe), and our emotional brain (the Limbic System). Researchers have known for awhile that the frontal lobe is a primary function in how we decide to interact with the world. Research has recently discovered that we actually feel before we think. Certain emotions can actually hijack our thinking and how we perceive the world.

It is in this context, that the EIQ-2 test helps us understand how we respond in certain situations where our emotions might interrupt our thinking. 

After the test is completed, the respondent will be given their EIQ ‘score’ in four key areas:


Social Recognition

Self Management

Social Management

Emotional Intelligence can be learned. If you receive a low score you can improve it. In addition to receiving your score, there are worksheets to help a person think through their personal score. The worksheets are designed so we can identify areas we can improve. 

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Instant Results

 You will receive a URL and code to enter to begin the assessment. Results are sent to each respondent immediately after completing the assessment. 

Emailed Results

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Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success

A person with a high emotional intelligence is more likely to be aware of and manage his / her behavior in stressful workplace situations.

That balance lends itself to improved decision making and leadership. A person with a high emotional intelligence level is also likely to be better at “reading” the emotions in others, thereby engaging them for more profitable and mutually beneficial outcomes, whether that be in sales, management, customer service or team projects.

Emotional intelligence counts more than IQ or expertise for determining who excels at a job -- any job. For outstanding leadership, it counts for almost everything.

Every individual is capable of improving his/her emotional intelligence and gleaning the almost immediate benefits that come with this heightened self-awareness. The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) assessment offers us a roadmap to begin and continually refine this simultaneously personal and professional endeavor.

This profile can be used with individuals in a professional setting or with teams that want to increase the effectiveness. Furthermore, this product works well with other behavioral trainings like Everything DiSC. We offer two options for how the results of the test are provided: Instant and Emailed.

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