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Changes to the EIQ-2 Assessment

The EIQ-2 assessment will be known as simply “EIQ” beginning on February 6th, 2023. This simplified product name of the EIQ-2 assessment published by Assessments 24×7 is meant to reflect recent advancements in the assessment and report and also to make the product more recognizable.

The first big improvement to the newly named EIQ product can be seen in the all-new report design. The new report is cleaner, with updated fonts and graphics. Readability has been improved for a better learner experience. Other, more subtle differences have been added to the report to increase personalization and make the results easier to understand.

Already took the assessment, but want to see your updated report? You can! If your assessment was purchased through our website, simply contact us with the name and email address used to take the assessment, and we will send you your updated profile.

*New* Team Report Option

Get a quick look at the results of your team with a new group reporting option. Available for free with your own administrator account. Contact us for details.

Revised Scoring

The original ranges of scoring in the EIQ-2 assessment of 0-25% (Low), 26%-75% (Medium), and 76%-100% (High) and ranges showed the majority of people falling into one range. 

The ranges have been updated to: 0-39% (Novice), 40%-69% (Vulnerable), 70%-89% (Proficient), and 90%-100% (Optimal). 

These are defined for each quotient and sub-category throughout the report to provide a more detailed and accurate analysis of the results. The new scoring utilizes more specific descriptors to make this information even more applicable.