Personal Development Profile

Personal Development Profile Phrase Version

DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version


Personal Development Profile® Phrase Version  

DiSC® Personal Development Profile® Phrase Version, a shorter, quicker less detailed DiSC profile instrument than the DiSC Classic® ProfilePersonal Profile System 2800 Series.  It contains the same 28 questions and has the same validity as the other DiSC test but is a quicker assessment to score.

This DISC instrument uses easy-to-understand phrases instead of single words on the response page. It is written at a sixth-grade reading level, so it is easier to read and understand. You can bring DISC insights, concepts and learning to more people, helping them gain self-understanding and increased behavioral awareness. This insight can lead to improved performance and better relationships. The Personal Development Profile is ideal for coaching and personal development as it outlines an actions plan to develop a personal development plan and strategies.

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