Extra DiSC Activities to Keep your Training Alive

You just completed your DiSC Training session. Now what? 

Frequently, we hear from trainers or consultants the same question after they complete Everything DiSC Training: “What other activities can I do with DiSC?” 

Fortunately, Everything DiSC has a number of supplemental resources that you can use for free or at a minor cost to keep your team and organization engaged in using DiSC.

Here are additional DiSC activities you can use to keep your DISC Training alive:

QuikDiSC® Card Game

Cost: $74.95 + Shipping

What is It: 

QuikDiSC® is a simple DiSC activity and is designed as an ice breaker. You have 128 cards broken out into four groups of 32 cards each.

How to Use It:

During this DiSC Activity, each group will pull a card that contains a certain DiSC characteristic and they will be given discussion topics that they will use as a group.


Comparison Reports

What is it?

Comparison reports provided an analysis of the similarities or differences between two individuals. When creating a comparison report, you will receive two distinct reports (person A compared to person B; person B compared to person A).

How to Use It:

During this DiSC Activity, have the team leader schedule coaching sessions to discuss the differences in DiSC styles between the leader and the employee. These sessions will build trust and open up any communication issues. If the team leader is uncomfortable providing this coaching session on their own, practice with them either with a sample report or your own report.

Group Reports

What Is it?

Everything DiSC Group reports aggregates the data from each person’s personal DiSC Profile into a comprehensive analysis. The report identifies the over group’s DiSC culture and provides discussion points that will help a team identify areas they should improve.

How to Use It:

The team will benefit the most from this DiSC Activity if this report is discussed and facilitated by the team leader.

A group’s culture will often reflect the Team Leader’s DiSC Style, regardless of whether the team has a different style from the team leader.

For teams that are dealing with destructive conflict, having an outside facilitator will be helpful. Ensure that they meet with the team leader first to discuss how the team leader’s style might be in conflict with the team’s style.

What Is It?

Catalyst is a learning platform built specifically for Everything DiSC. It can be used to create many different DiSC Activities.

How to Use It:

EPIC Admins can upgrade any past DiSC report to Catalyst using this video. Once learners are on Catalyst, there are many DiSC activities that you can use:

  1. Have learners listen to their Style Podcast. Assign learners in pairs and give them one week to discuss what they learned on their own time.
  2. Ask learners to use the ‘Your Colleagues’ section in Catalyst and discuss their behavioral differences and similarities.
  3. Ask learners to navigate to the ‘You and Other Styles’ section and watch the videos. Ask each person to find someone with a different style and discuss their behavioral differences.

Cost: Upgrade any past report for Free (until December 31st, 2023)