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EPIC credits are required to generate the following profiles, reports, and assessment.  Order the number of EPIC credits you need, and you can use them for any of the reports and assessments listed below.  The credits will not expire and are deducted from your EPIC account as you issue access codes or generate group reports.

Note: it is necessary to have an EPIC account which was set up by Center for Internal Change,, or before ordering through this webpage. If you did not purchase or receive your EPIC account from Center for Internal Change, you will need to contact your authorized partner or set up a new EPIC account with us. This is the policy of Inscape Publishing, Everything DiSC and Wiley.

To determine your cost, multiply the number of credits needed for each profile or report by the number of reports or profiles you need. This will give you the total number of EPIC Credits you will need to purchase. The chart below will give you the cost per credit.

e.g. 500 EPIC credits can create 33 Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles or 20 of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Sales, or Management Profiles.

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Quantities Price per EPIC Credit
1-249 $4.30
250-499 $4.10
500-749 $3.85
750-999 $3.75
1,000-1,499 $3.65
1,500-1,999 $3.55
2,000+ $3.45
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Report / Profile Name and Description
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Credits Required
DiSC® Classic 2.0 (English or Spanish) 23 pages. Includes everything in version 1.0, plus a narrative page and expanded explains of the intensity chart. 15
DiSC® Classic 2 Plus (English) This DiSC® report can be up to 59 pages as you can include any or all the following extra categories without have to purchase each one separately, like in the PPSS report below. You can include: Your Approach to Managing Others Your Approach to Selling Relating to People and the Environment  Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship Strategies for Managing This Person   Strategies for Managing This Person In A Sales Job

View full 59 page version report. 

DiSC® Facilitator Report (English) 18 page report. 25
DiSC® Group Culture Report (English)  13 page report. 25
DiSC® Team View (English) – A quick side-by-side reference to everyone’s style and graph.  Requires the completion of the DiSC Classic 2.0, 2 Plus or PPSS profile. Free Report
Everything DiSC® Workplace™ Profile(English)  20 page report to identify your DiSC® style, understand other styles, build more effective relationships. Includes personalized style index.

  • Bonus: DiSC Comparison & Relationship Profile. Compares the results from two Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, or Sales Profiles. Unlimited comparisons between people who have completed any of these Everything DiSC profiles purchased from Center for Internal Change, Inc.. or any of its web sites.
  • View Sample Person A to Person B   Sample B to A.          This is a Free Report
Everything DiSC® Management Profile (English)  26 page report to identify your DiSC® Management style, plus feedback on directing & delegating, motivation, developing others and working with your manager. 25
Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile – Leadership  (English)  26 page report to identify your leadership style using DiSC and best practices. 25
Everything DiSC® Sales Profile (English)  22 page report to identify your selling style, understand your customer’s buying style and how to adapt your selling style to match your customer’s buying style. Plus bonus of unlimited free DiSC® Sales Maps for creating  customers sales action maps providing selling strategies based on your customer’s buy strategy. 25
Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report (English)  Report can be generated using individual results from any Everything DiSC profile (workplace, management, sales, leadership). 25
Everything DiSC® Facilitator’s Report (English)   Report can be generated using individual results from any Everything DiSC profile (workplace, management, sales, leadership). 25
Personal Listening Profile® (English) 10
Personal Listening Profile® – Facilitator Report (English) 16 page report. 15
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 (English) 21page report. 10
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 – Group Report (English) 11 page report. Requires everyone take the Individual profile first. 15
Time Mastery Profile® (English) 10
Time Mastery Profile® – Facilitator Report (English) 15

Did you know?

  • Purchased EPIC Credits never expire so you can benefit from our quantity-based pricing (see EPIC Account and EPIC Credits Policies for details).
  • There are not additional annual or renewal fees for your EPIC Account.
  • All reports generated in your EPIC Account can be saved or emailed in PDF format.
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  • You can Integrate EPIC into your Learning Management System.
  • Reference the online Help section, containing flash animated tutorials 24/7.