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Team Dimensions 2024 Updates and FAQ

Updated Team Dimensions Assessment

Effective today, May 9th, we have implemented substantial changes to the Team Dimensions Profile. Over the past year, we have worked quietly on a handful of updates that we feel will provide a much better learning experience for this tool:

    • Updated Team Dimension Roles: All reports will incorporate the original C.A.R.E. Profile role names (Creator / Advancer / Refiner / Executor).
    • Updated Product Name: Team Dimensions Profile. We simplified the profile name by removing numbers (2.0, 3.0, etc.), which mostly caused confusion.
    • Updated report graphics and format for clarity.
    • New Admin Platform (Free to use!): Many of you asked for an admin account where you can manage your assessments and reports. We heard you. Contact us, and we will happily get you set up with an admin account! (Optional)
    • New Learner Assessment Website: Be sure to double-check your assessment links as the assessment website has changed, along with the look and feel.

Looking Ahead: By the end of this year, we will release a Group Report that you can create for your learners through the admin portal. 

Purchase Team Dimensions

Quantity Discount
0 - 19 $59.00
20 - 29 $55.75
30 + $52.75

Why are you making these changes?

When this tool was re-released in 2022, the assessment development team we partnered with made several promises they had been unable to fulfill, including creating an administration system and reliable group reporting options. 

Over the past year, we’ve been working with a new assessment publisher who is more established in the assessment space. We feel confident that the tool is now set on a firmer foundation and will have the technology needed to continue developing it.


Yes, you can purchase this assessment through the end of 2024. Please email us, and we will send you the purchasing instructions.

Yes, these codes will work indefinitely. They do not have an expiration date.

We are offering a coupon that will be available for a limited period of time to anyone who wishes to get the upgraded report. The coupon allows you to purchase the new assessment for $20 until June 30th, 2024. Use coupon TD247 at checkout.

The names of the roles have changed, but overall, the two reports are very compatible.

  • Shaker = Creator
  • Mover = Advancer
  • Prover = Refiner
  • Maker = Executor
  • Oner = Flexer

No. Combining these two reports into a single Group report is not possible.

No. The only way to get the new results would be to re-take the new Team Dimensions assessment.

Yes. We decided to move to this new tool for various reasons, but accuracy was not one of them.

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