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Introducing Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Learn how DiSC can help teach Emotional Intelligence

Agile EQ is a DiSC® assessment that focuses on emotional intelligence. This assessment combines personalized insights through DiSC with an active emotional intelligence (EQ) development component. The training focuses on teaching individuals to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and to have a strategy in place for how to respond appropriately.

There are lots of well-established EQ assessments and training programs provided by leaders in the field. How will this training program be different? Often, we discuss behavior and our emotions as two different discussions. Agile EQ now offers a unique way to allow a person to understand their EQ by understanding their natural behaviors.

In this blog post we will cover what the training looks like, how this EQ training differs from other EQ trainings and other frequently asked questions.

How does the Agile EQ program work?

Like other Everything DiSC programs, Agile EQ has two components: a personalized, individual profile and a standardized training program.

Trainers can use the Agile EQ Profile as a stand alone product. However, we encourage learning professionals, trainers, and consultants to consider using the materials together for a more effective workshop. 

Agile EQ Profile

This profile takes 15-20 minutes to complete. The report outlines a person's DiSC Style, their EQ strengths, and strategies to develop other EQ mindsets.

Agile EQ Training

This fully developed training program includes three active-learning modules and is designed to last for 3.5 hours. No certification is needed to run this program.

What does Agile EQ mean?

There are different ways to be emotionally intelligent. 

The term “agile EQ” refers to how effectively and efficiently a person can adapt to various social or emotional situations. This term especially applies to situations when you are trying to solve a problem.

Sometimes, we respond to situations without choosing our response. We just respond naturally. Reacting this way potentially leaves us unprepared to solve the diverse challenges that we will encounter in the future. Or worse, it could leave the people or the organization on the receiving end of our reactions resistant to working with us in the future.

Having an Agile EQ mindset means being able to quickly identify the situation you are in and choosing the best response to match the situation.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ establishes a foundation of the different responses that we can choose so that we can handle the social and emotionally charged situations when they arise. 

How does Agile EQ differ from other EQ Trainings?

Everything DiSC is the premiere DISC-based and behavioral training program because it encourages learners to actively learn the material that is presented.

How does this work?

During the training, participants go through a series of activities, small group discussions, and encounter the learning in a personalized way through their report. Because Everything DiSC uses adaptive testing, the report has shown that it is 32% more accurate than other forced-choice assessments.

Additionally, learners are able to continue learning by using a platform called MyEverythingDiSC. On this platform, individuals can connect with each other, compare their style, and learn more about themselves through a personalized podcast.

The combination of these resources results in more engaged learners and a higher probability that the training will be used by those who attend an Agile EQ workshop

What does Agile EQ Measure?

Agile EQ
Agile EQ Mindsets

When a person takes an Agile EQ assessment they are measured both on their DiSC Style and patterns of responses they’re likeliest to take in social and emotional situations. These responses are referred to as Mindsets during an Agile EQ Workshop.

The assessment also measures the effort it takes a person to practice each mindset. The Everything DiSC Map is surrounded by eight Mindsets. During the program, learners will use these mindsets as a way to navigate how they should respond depending on the emotional or social situation that they find themself in.


Unlike other Everything DiSC programs, Agile EQ doesn’t use the term ‘Priorities’ to discuss the items around the DiSC Map. Priorities were used to help a person quickly understand their DiSC Style and the aspects of a situation that might be particularly relevant for them.

If you are familiar with Everything DiSC priorities, you might wonder if a person can have an additional Mindset like they might have had with an Everything DiSC Priority (shaded areas on their DiSC Map). This is replaced on Agile EQ with an effort meter. A person might require less effort for various mindsets even though someone with a similar style shows that they require more effort and vice versa.

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