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Coaching Job Skills

Coaching Job Skills teaches managers of any level how to identify if performance gaps are due to training, skills, or poor work habits. This course will equip managers with practical management skills that will improve their employee’s performance.

Management Training: Coaching Job Skills

The Coaching Job Skills course is designed to teach managers and supervisors the skills they need to coach their employees effectively. Vital Learning publishes this Management Training course. This class is just one module of a 12-module off-the-shelf training management training series called the Leadership Essentials Series. If you work within learning and development, talent development, or workforce development, this course will be a great addition to your Management Training coursework.

This course covers a variety of employee coaching topics, including:

  • Determine if a performance gap is caused by bad training, poor work habits, or something else
  • Overcome obstacles during coaching conversations
  • Use the Positive Model to coach your team members effectively

The course also includes activities and exercises that allow participants to practice their coaching skills.

Who Should Take the Coaching Job Skills Course?

This course is ideal for managers and supervisors who want to improve their coaching skills or who have been identified as needing to improve in this area. This course can be used within a new management development program or as a continuing education course.

What is the length of this course?

The live class is designed to be delivered in under 4 hours. The Hybrid and Online version length will vary depending on how long it takes the learner to complete their self-paced work.

How Is This Management Training Delivered?

This course is available in the following formats:

Course Delivery Price
Physical Workbook $54.00
Hybrid (Physical workbook + Online course) $75.00
Online $49.00

Requirements for teaching this training program:

The live class version (face-to-face /in-person/hybrid formats) has a few requirements: