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42 Rules of Employee Engagement


42 Rules of Employee Engagement. A book by Susan Stamm.

42 Rules of Employee Engagement

A Straightforward and Fun Look at What It Takes to Build Community, Commitment, and a Culture of Engagement in the Business World Today

In today’s competitive business environment, engaging employees is more important than ever. Engaged employees are more productive, more creative, and more likely to stay with your organization.

But how do you create an engaged workforce?

That’s where “42 Rules of Employee Engagement” comes in. This book by Susan Stamm provides a practical and straightforward guide to building a culture of engagement in your organization.

The book is divided into 42 chapters, each of which focuses on a specific rule for engaging employees. The rules are clear, concise, and easy to implement.

“42 Rules of Employee Engagement” is a must-read for any manager or leader who wants to create a more engaged workforce. The book is full of practical advice and real-world examples that will help you implement the rules.