Everything DiSC Management to Reduce Stress and Employee Turnover

Case Study: Everything DiSC Management For Reducing Stress and Turnover

During times of rapid internal growth and increasing demands on employees stress levels increase and workers feel less appreciated and valued. Using the Everything DiSC® Management and the DiSC® Classic paper profile helps managers understand their staffs’ needs and provide ways of improving morale and reduce turnover.


  • A publicly-traded service company to the oil and gas industry, with worldwide locations
  • Over 2,000 employees


From 2000 to 2009, the company experienced rapid growth. Stress levels were high as people worked long hours to keep up with demand. Employee turnover was very high. At the many exit interviews, human resources’ representatives kept hearing the same reason for leaving: the way the managers and supervisors treated them.


In 2006, the company decided leadership training was needed to help combat the issues with morale and high turnover. In addition to Situational Leadership®, DiSC became a key component of all training. DiSC training for managers and supervisors was created and implemented using Everything DiSC® Management.


Although several aspects of the overall program received excellent reviews, the DiSC component has been the piece that everyone could easily understand, see the value, and use on a day-today basis, regardless of their responsibilities.

The original intent of the leadership program was to train managers and supervisors, but the feedback we received was that everyone should learn DiSC. This led to a company-wide initiative: every employee who had been with the company for more than one year would have DiSC training. For this, we chose the DiSC Classic paper profile.

Once we had implemented DiSC training at all levels, we asked for everyone’s input on standards for how everyone should treat each other. These standards would be applied to all staff across the organization. We then compiled, reviewed, and edited the feedback into a one-page set of standards that are used in all subsequent training.

As a result of their DiSC training, many employees have asked for DiSC profiles for their significant others and family members. My client has supported this request. The International Training Manager says, “What happens at home impacts relationships and productivity and work. And by talking about DiSC with their spouses, they internalize the information even more. It’s a win-win in my book.”

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Using ED Management to Reduce Stress and Decrease Turnover

Publicly-traded international oil and gas service company, with 2,000+ employees used Everything DiSC Management Profile to reduce turnover and employee stress.

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