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Understanding Personal Listening Approaches

Did you know that there are five different ways that we listen?  Or, that our listening approach is a significant factor that contributes to miscommunications in the workplace and in relationships?  Behavioral research shows that people listen with a preferred listening style. Sometimes the preferred style is suitable for the kind of listening required by a situation, and sometimes it is not.

The Personal Listening Profile describes five listening approaches:

  • Appreciative: Listens in a relaxed manner, seeking enjoyment, entertainment, or inspiration.
  • Empathic: Listens without judging, is supportive of the speaker, and learns from the experiences of others.
  • Comprehensive: Listens to organize and make sense of information by understanding relationships among ideas.
  • Discerning: Listens to get complete information, understand the main message, and determine important details.
  • Evaluative: Listens in order to make a decision based on information provided and may accept or reject message based on personal beliefs.

Understanding personal listening approaches is crucial to good communication. Effective listening skills provide the foundation for communicating productively both inside and outside the organization. The Personal Listening Profile® helps people become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of situations leading to productive communication.

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Personal Listening Profile Research Report

Research and validation of the Personal Listening model.

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