Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator Report

Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report

Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report

Discover A Group’s Different Listening Approaches

Behavioral research reveals that people approach listening with different purposes and motivations. The Personal Listening Profile® helps people understand their most natural approach to listening and get insight into the listening styles of others.   The Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report provides a group’s dynamics by showing how members use each listening approach. You will easily see the similarities and differences within a group that can lead to miscommunication. You’ll also be able to identify individuals whose scores fall outside of group averages and who may feel isolated from the dominant group culture.

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Price: $64.50 or 15 EPIC credits (if you have an EPIC account.)

Understanding Personal Listening Approaches

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Profiles Used for Change Management and Customer Service

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Featured Research Report

Personal Listening Profile Research Report

Research on and of validation of the Personal Listening model.

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