The Five Behaviors Profile

The Five Behaviors™ Individual Report

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Individual Report is the starting point to run The Five Behaviors program

The assessment will measure each team members DiSC® style (or All Types™) for an in depth look at how they function in the team and a deeper understanding on handling conflict and increasing effective communication. Each respondent will also rate their team to see how they are doing in each of the five areas.

Once all individual results are in, you as the facilitator will receive an annotated team report, which includes the final data and information on each team member. For the best learning experience, you may want to purchase a facilitation kit and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team book for each participant to read ahead of time and reference throughout the program.

As you go through the process, you will be able to reassess how your team is doing with progress reports. Facilitators who intend to take multiple teams through this process will want to consider opening an EPIC account. An EPIC account will allow you to send out your reports, monitor your team’s progress, generate free comparison and progress reports, brand your report covers, and gain access to your reports at any time.

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Option 1 (recommended)

Purchase and open an EPIC account and we will teach you how to deliver your assessments yourself. This will give you complete control over the process, allow you to receive quantity discounts on the reports, brand your report covers, generate free progress and comparison reports, and receive immediate access to your reports at any time. A free EPIC account is included with the purchase of our facilitator accreditation, or with the purchase of 500 EPIC credits.

Purchase a new EPIC account ($95.00 set-up fee plus credit balance)

Order EPIC credits for an existing account* (35 credits required per team member)

*Your EPIC account must be through Center for Internal Change.

Learn more about EPIC. Call for details on trying our demo account: (847) 259 – 0005.

Option 2

We will do the administration for you. You will purchase the number of individual reports needed for your team (no quantity discounts) and we will send you a spreadsheet to fill out with the names and email addresses for each team member. We will send out the emails to your team and completed reports will be sent to you in a zip file. You’re annotated team report will be available once all individuals have completed their assessment. We will be in touch with you throughout the process during our normal business hours.

Progress reports and comparison reports can be purchased for a small fee.

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