I-Sight® DiSC Profile

I-Sight DiSC Profile Teens, Youth & Adults

I-Sight DiSC Profile

I-Sight DiSC Profile

A Way to Understand Yourself and Others

I-Sight® is a unique DISC personality model based learning profile originally developed for young people and teenagers from ages 12 to 18 is now being using by adults in work and non-work situations. Using the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model I-Sight creates positive self-awareness and understanding of others by helping young people recognize and accept behavioral differences.

I-Sight provides a guided exploration of behavior across four primary dimensions, described in fresh, easy-to-understand DiSC language designed for teens:

D – Direct and Active

i- Interested and lively

S – Steady and cooperative

C – Concerned and correct

Sold in sets of 25.

Ref Description
C-230 I-Sight by Inscape Publishing / Wiley is designed and researched for teenagers and young people.

$250 for a set of 25.

Contact us directly for larger orders.

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Using DiSC Classic and I-Sight with High School Staff and Students

Full staff and student body use the I-Sight and DiSC Classic profiles to create an encouraging environment.