DiSC® Biblical Personal Profile System®

DiSC Biblical Personal Profile System®

disc biblical personal profile

The DiSC Biblical Personal Profile System is based on the DiSC Classic Profile-Personal Profile System® 2800 Series.

This tool provides personalized feedback on your preferred behavioral and personality style, as well as insights into the behavior and communication styles of others. This DiSC profile explores personal behavioral styles and relates them to positive Biblical characters and references relevant scripture passages.

The DiSC Biblical profile is ideal for use in Christian religious education settings and Bible study classes. It aims to heightens self-awareness and enhances understanding and appreciation using the lives and stories of key personalities from the Bible and how they would fit into the DiSC model.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer in print. The publisher discontinued it in 2017. If you want a DiSC paper profile, you can use the non-biblical tool. However, we are able to offer a solution that you can use with your church or congregation.


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