DiSC Classic 2 Plus

DiSC Classic 2 Plus Profile (Online)

DiSC Classic 2 Plus Profile Report includes all of the feedback found in the DiSC Classic paper version and the DiSC Classic 2.0 assessment plus an additional six soft-skill building categories that are directly related to your DiSC style.

The DiSC 2 Plus report first introduces a person to their DiSC style. Then the report provides steps and worksheets to improve in the following areas:

  • Creating Positive Relationships
  • Relating to People and Environments
  • Managing Individuals
  • Approaches to Managing
  • Sales Management
  • Approaches to Selling

Explore samples of these additional reports to ensure the report matches how you or your participants are looking to improve. 

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Supplemental Report Samples

Strategies for Creating Positive Relationships

Relating to People & Environment

Strategies for Managing

Approach to Managing Others

Strategies for Sales Management

Approach to Selling

Understanding the DiSC Model

The DISC Profile is a nonjudgmental tool for understanding behavioral types and personality styles. It helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:

  • Dominance: “D’s” are direct, to the point and decisive. They tend to be strong-minded, strong-willed and enjoy challenges, taking action, and immediate results. The bottom line is their focus.
  • Influence: “I’s” tend to be optimistic and outgoing. They are social “people people” who prefer being on teams, sharing ideas, entertaining and energizing others.
  • Steadiness: “S’s” are empathetic and cooperative. They tend to be supportive, helpful team players and are often good listeners. They prefer being in the background, working in consistent and predictable ways. They also tend to be uncomfortable with change.
  • Conscientiousness: “C’s” tend to be concerned with details and cautious. They are often focused on quality. They plan ahead, check for accuracy, and act systematically.


What Can I expect After I take a DiSC Test?

  • Discover your own behavioral strengths
  • Learn to value the strengths of others
  • Discover ways to deal with conflict effectively
  • Cultivate teamwork and reduce team conflict
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Improve Sales Skills by understanding client or customer behavior and decision making styles
  • Improve customer relationships and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce personal and organizational conflict and stress
  • Enhance and develop coaching and mentoring skills

Research and Validation

Every assessment we offer is fully researched and validated. Click the image to read the full Reliability and Validation report for this profile.

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