DiSC® Sales Action Planner

DiSC Sales Action Planner

This product has been discontinued. Please call for stock information or see below for recommended replacements.

As of 2018, the DiSC Sales Action Planners, originally published by Inscape Publishing, are discontinued by the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons. While losing a product is unfortunate, we have two products that would be a great replacement if you have used this product in the past for your managers.

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DiSC Previews

If you are looking for cost effective paper instrument to introduce the DiSC behavioral dimensions to your managers, the DiSC Preview  is a great solution.

The DiSC Preview is designed as an introduction to DiSC and the DISC behavioral styles or personality types. It is a practical and useful approach to understanding personal behavioral styles and the preferences of others. 

Use this with your management team as a way to talk about behavior and to identify how behavioral preferences can impact the way you interact with others.

The DiSC Preview can be used with anyone at any level of an organization and does not provide any management tips or strategies.

Price ranges from $9.99 – $8.80 per assessment based on quantity, plus shipping.

Everything DiSC Sales

Everything DiSC is the most advanced version of DiSC available on the market. This product is only available online and utilizes Computerized Adaptive Testing to create an extremely personalized and accurate report. With Computerized Adaptive Testing, participants are asked additional questions if they inconsistently endorse different behaviors. The assessment normally takes about 15 minutes to complete.

What does this mean for your for your Sales people? Not only are they getting a more accurate and personalized DiSC report, they are also getting a report that focuses on their particular Sales style. The Everything DiSC Sales report helps a person identify customers’ buying styles and then adapt their own style to match the customer they are interacting with.

To enhance this report even more, the Everything DiSC Sales profile comes with free, online customer interaction maps through MyEverythingDiSC.

Price ranges from $107.50 – $91.25 per assessment based on quantity.

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