DiSC® Management Action Planner


DiSC Management Action Planner – Discontinued in 2018

As of 2018, the DiSC Management Action Planners are discontinued by the Publisher, John Wiley & Sons. While loosing a product is unfortunate, we have two products that would be a great replacement if you have used this product in the past for your managers.

Product #1: Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC is the most advanced version of DiSC available on the market. This product is only available through an online format, and utilizes Computerized Adaptive Testingto create an extremely personalized report. Whereas the DiSC Planners used 10-forced choice questions to determine a person’s DiSC Behavioral Style, Everything DiSC has 124 available questions. Don’t worry, your participants won’t be asked all of these questions. With Computerized Adaptive Testing, participants are only asked additional questions if they are answering conflicting questions affirmatively (i.e. “I enjoy interacting with others” and “I am reserved”). If you are a person who answers questions that only point to a particular style you could potentially finish the assessment sooner than other DiSC Classic

What does this mean for your for your Managers? Not only are they getting a more personalized DiSC report that will allow them to understand themselves better, they are also getting a report that focuses on their Management style. The Everything DiSC Management report focuses on the participant learning their personal DiSC Style, and then adapting their style to better manage their direct reports.

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Product #2 DiSC Paper Previews

If your team doesn’t have access to a computer, and you are looking for a paper instrument, the DiSC Preview would be a great replacement and offers a user-friendly introduction to DiSC behavioral dimensions.

The DISC Previewis designed as an introduction to DiSCand the DISC behavioral styles or personality types. It is a practical and useful approach to understanding personal behavioral styles and the behavior of others. Use this with your management team as a way to talk about behavior and identify how behavior can help or hinder how you interact with direct reports.

DiSC Previews are sold based on quantity:

1-24 are $9.99 each

25-199 are $9.40 each

200 or more are $8.80 each

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