Give Your Managers 41% More time

At the end of any given workday, do you wonder “how am I going to finish everything all of the projects I’ve been assigned?”

The old adage still stands true, we have all the time that there is every single day. How we use this time
makes the difference in realizing our goals or actually getting more things accomplished.

The most underused tool to help us free up significant time is delegating. A Harvard Business Review report found that 41% of a managers’ day included activities that could have been delegated to team members.

This is a pretty significant finding which lines up with the confessions I’ve heard from supervisors and managers over the years; they are uncomfortable delegating. They cite the following reasons:

  • I can do it better myself
  • I can do it quicker myself
  • I am afraid someone else will screw it up
  • I will have to do so much hand-holding, I might as well just do it myself
  • I do not have anyone on my team that can do it
  • I do not want to overload my team members with my work

It’s a convincing list of reasons that share a common thread. For each reason that a manager or supervisor does not delegate, there is an attitudinal belief about their team’s capabilities that lies just below the surface. Isn’t that sad? The key reason we put folks into leadership roles is to develop the capabilities of their team.

Imagine on this day, one-year later, all your managers and supervisors suddenly had 41% more time! What might they accomplish? How might this impact your organization’s bottom line? The good news is that delegation is a skill which can be taught. Negative attitudes toward delegating arise out of poor experiences that stem from a lack of skill.

If you are looking for a practical and proven delegation training for your supervisors, we invite you to join us for quick tour of our “Delegating” course, published by Vital Learning.

This course has managers create a detailed delegation plan that they can put into action immediately while also giving them a model for delegating effectively. It then provides six weeks of reinforcement to ensure the learning sticks.

Join us for a 39 minute tour of “Delegating,” a single course in Vital Learning’s 12-course Leadership Essential Series. Help your managers teaching them how they can hand off 41% of their activities. As they delegate, they’ll be developing their team’s skills and freeing themselves up to do more for your organization.

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