Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams

Two-part training session featuring Patrick Lencioni

Improve remote teamwork.

If you believe that teamwork is still the greatest competitive advantage, you won’t want to miss this powerful training event. This two-part event features an exclusive, recorded session with Patrick Lencioni and a live, 2-hour training aimed at helping you improve how you work with others — virtually or in-person.

Part 1 -

In the first part of this event, Pat Lencioni (author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) will discuss the competitive advantages teams have today in a remote environment. Walk away with key actions you can use to improve team dynamics, even when working remotely.

Part 2 -

During our second session, you will experience three modules of the Five Behaviors Personal Development training program. During this live event, you will learn how your behavioral style affects your ability to trust and engage in conflict on a team.

Event Details:

When does the event take place?

This event takes place in two parts:

  • The recorded session with Patrick Lencioni will be available on November 10th, 2020 at 11am EST (available through December 4th). 
  • The live training takes place on December 17th from 12pm to 2pm EST.

How much is the event?

The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams learning event is $120. This price covers your personal Five Behaviors report.*

*We will waive this fee if you previously completed the Five Behaviors Personal Development profile. Please email us with your access code, and we will register you for the event ([email protected]).

What's included?

This two-part event will provide you with three valuable learning tools and experiences:

  • A 23-page, personal report that provides insights all about you.
  • Access to an exclusive recorded webinar featuring Patrick Lencioni.
  • Live, 2-hour training program designed to help you use your personalized report.

Where does the event take place?

This is an online event. The recorded webinar and the live, virtual training will be hosted through Adobe Connect. You will need to download the free Adobe Connect application before the live session.

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Register today for $120. Includes personalized report, recorded webinar, and 2-hour training session.

Live session takes place December 17th (12pm - 2pm EST)

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Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams Online Event
Here's how it Works

Five Behaviors Training Step 1

Register for the program

Make sure you are able to both watch the recorded Pat Lencioni session before December 4th, 2020 and that you can join the live training session on December 17th (12pm - 2pm EST). After registering, you will receive access (starting November 10th) to watch an interview with Patrick Lencioni where he discusses how The Five Behaviors helps teams even while they are working remotely.

Five Behaviors Training Step 2

Take your Five Behaviors Personal Development assessment

After you complete your registration, you will receive a unique 10-digit access code. You will use this code to take a ~20 minute assessment. Save this report on your computer, and read it before the live session on December 17th, 2020.

Join our two part event!

You will receive access to a recorded webinar and hear Patrick Lencioni speak on how teams are able to succeed in today's virtual environment. Access to this event is only available from November 10th through December 4th.

On December 17th, you will be invited to join a live training session where you will have a hands-on experience with the insights Lencioni offers through the Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams training program (be sure to "bring" your Personal Development profile with you!).

Save your seat

Register today for $120. Includes personalized report, recorded webinar, and 2-hour training session.

Live session takes place December 17th (12pm - 2pm EST)

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Our training team:

Jeannie Brill

Jeannie Bril

Before joining Center for Internal Change, Jeannie worked for Wiley—the publisher of the Five Behaviors—for 8.5 years developing certification programs and educating partners and clients about the importance of understanding themselves and others to work more effectively together. Jeannie's life-long passion for learning and personal development is evident during every training she conducts.

Susan Stamm

Susan Stamm is the owner of Center for Internal Change and has helped improve teams for over 30-years. Susan was directly involved the development of creating the Five Behaviors Team and Personal Development programs because of her strong knowledge of both the book and the DiSC model of behavior which is used to power the insights in this tool.

Rick Stamm

Rick began his career in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation and has always believed that work is central to a person’s well-being. Rick believes that teamwork is the key to service excellence, innovation, and increased productivity in any kind of business. He strives to help teams become the best that they can be.

Explore the full Five Behaviors Training...

Standardize Teamwork

If employees are on more than one team, how do you ensure they know how to act as teammates? The Five Behaviors Personal Development program can help.

Actionable insights

Assessments allow learners to have a unique training experience. As they go through the program, they are discovering unique insights about themself and how to apply these insights to what they are learning. Download a sample report to learn more.

Hear directly from Pat Lencioni

In this training, Pat Lencioni provides insights about how the training has helped in his work and with his clients. As the creator of the Five Behaviors team model, learners will benefit from hearing from Pat’s experiences working with really dysfunctional teams. See a sample video where you can hear Pat explain what vulnerability-based trust looks like.

Save your seat

Register today for $120. Includes personalized report, recorded webinar, and 2-hour training session.

Live session takes place December 17th (12pm - 2pm EST)

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