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Everything DiSC Catalyst™ Updates

Agile EQ, meet Catalyst™

Everything DiSC Agile EQ™ is the newest DiSC solution that aims to help a person improve their emotional intelligence, and it’s now on Catalyst!

Many Emotional Intelligence assessments focus on using a quotient to encourage emotional intelligence improvements (think of an IQ test for your emotional intelligence). While these tools are valid and can help, Agile EQ takes a different route. Agile EQ leans on helping a person understand themself, but using the DiSC model of behavior. Then, learners will take a step into understanding their EQ when they are introduced to the mindsets that they can call on easily (self-awareness).

Agile EQ: Now a 10 Credit Upgrade

Before we jump into how Agile EQ is used on Catalyst, it’s important that you know that Agile EQ is only 10 EPIC credits when you add it to a pre-existing or new Catalyst profile. If you have already upgrade your Classic DiSC profile or Everything DiSC profile to Workplace on Catalyst, you can add this application for only 10 EPIC credits.

Don’t have an EPIC account? You can open one today!

Today, Agile EQ profile costs 25 EPIC credits as a stand-alone product. Catalyst not only provides a great way to enhance your training, but it will also save you money. Here is the pricing for all new profiles that are issued using Catalyst:

  • Workplace on Catalyst – 15 EPIC Credits
  • Agile EQ on Catalyst – 10 EPIC Credits*

*You must have an Everything DiSC Workplace profile in order to add Agile EQ to your Catalyst account.

Bring Agile EQ to life on Catalyst

One of the first things that you will notice when using Agile EQ on Catalyst is how the profile is enhanced with additional content. For those that are familiar with Agile EQ, you will still have the three primary sections: Discover, Recognize, Act.

On Catalyst, these sections are reformatted and are now called; Your EQ Strengths, Beyond your comfort zone, and Develop your EQ. The content in these sections follows a similar layout that was in the original profile, but it is enhanced with videos and clickable elements that make the profile feel more engaging.

Everything DiSC Catalyst updates

As you go through the ‘Beyond your comfort Zone section’ the effort meters move into place to show you how much effort a certain mindset requires for you. It’s little details that add to the experience. Additionally, in this section, you get to experience videos that describe each mindset. The videos act like a goal post so you can understand why you might want to work towards building familiarity with that mindset.

Using Agile EQ on Catalyst

The primary goal of Agile EQ is to improve your emotional intelligence. Agile EQ on Catalyst does this by providing a person a mini journey to become self-aware and then learn to manage their emotions. This is accomplished in the Develop your EQ section on the Catalyst platform. This section is unique to Agile EQ on Catalyst, but it pulls from similar information that was on the original profile in the Act section.

You can see from the image below how the platform presents the areas that require a person to stretch behaviorally to use different mindsets. The effort meter is used to show how difficult it might be for a person to stretch to that particular mindset. Now, when a person reads the ‘getting into the mindset section’ this section pulls behavioral insights and personalizes this section to the individual. This isn’t boilerplate language – it’s unique to you.

Once a person understand why they will want to use this mindset and what it can afford them, the platform provides different tasks that a learner can use to improve a particular mindset. To make this process more effective, the tasks are broken out by difficulty.

This section is perfect for coaches, accountability partners, or managers who want to help a team member improve in areas that they feel their report needs to develop. The point is, this section provides a specific way for someone to start improving a single mindset that will help them become more emotionally intelligent and agile.

Agile EQ Mindsets

Add Agile EQ to your Workplace Kit


We are excited to also announce that this update now permits Everything DiSC Workplace kit owners to get the Agile EQ training materials for free! You read that correctly. The Agile EQ kit retails for $1,295 and you can get it for free if you already own a Everything DiSC Workplace kit or if you purchase a new Workplace kit today.

If you haven’t purchased the Everything DiSC Workplace kit there is no better time than now to get it.

Note: This offer is available for a limited time. Please contact us for current offerings.