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Don’t Use The DiSC Profile As A Way Out; Use It As A Way In.

There are those who wear their DiSC style like a badge of honor; there are others that use it like a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. In the hands of some it can be dangerous and for others enlightening.

Knowing your personality style, from such assessments as the Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic profile, can provide you with insights into your personal preferences.

It is not a tool for copping out or making excuses:

  • Why should I even speak up? I am just an “S”.
  • I am not being rude! You know I am a “D”, just got on with it.
  • Rather, DiSC can be used as a starting point for self and interpersonal understanding.
  • Yes, I feel uncomfortable speaking up, but it is worth it for the team.
  • To get this resolved quickly I am just going to have to hear them out.

Coaching clients with DiSC often creates a great opportunity to look at their preferred behavioral patterns and profiles as tool for mapping out change strategies.