Large Organization Training using the DiSC Classic Facilitation System

Case Study: A Large Organization Customizes Training With the DiSC Classic Facilitation System

The DiSC Classic Facilitation System can be applied in so many ways. The topics and outlines are prepared. There are PowerPoints with integrated video, scripts, handouts, activities and pre-work online assessments. It saves time and development dollars, yet it is fully customizable.

People who have been introduced to DiSC® often come away from the experience with fresh insights and a renewed commitment to establish effective communication. Other times, however, participants simply want more, as if the basics are such a hit that stopping at that point is a letdown. So when a DiSC consultant learned that a large organization was looking to take DiSC to the next level, she lost no time in coming up with a proposal. As the consultant saw it, the DiSC Classic Facilitation System was the key to the company moving forward with its training programs.

“They were looking for an expansion of their knowledge,” the consultant says. “They had the basics, but they wanted more. And they had a pretty good idea of what they were looking for.”

The organization had specific guidelines. The consultant learned that the company’s leaders wanted management training to be the focus of their new program. Their vision was that the program would serve as a mentoring or developing tool for promising workers. In addition, they wanted any new program to be flexible enough so that it could serve as the basis for future courses in sales or other applications.

“The company was already invested in DiSC,” the consultant says. “But it was important to them that people continue to grow with it. They didn’t want it to die after orientation.”

The consultant set out to prove that DiSC Classic was the solution. But before he could present anything, she first had to become proficient with the system herself. He made sure that she understood the strengths and nuances of DiSC Classic, and his analysis verified her instinct that she was on the right

“Once I understood it, I brought it to them,” the consultant says. “We started playing with it, and they were impressed.”

The organization’s leaders were so impressed, in fact, that they moved past their original goals and delved into questions of customization. the consultant explained how Everything DiSC Classic supported innovative applications, and he showed how easy it was to create new versions of courses to suit different needs. The consultant also pointed out that the organization’s trainers could use as much or as little of the system’s content as they liked. And he made it clear that regardless of which pieces were used, the rest of the system would not collapse.

“The independence of DiSC Classic was something that they really responded to,” the consultant says. “They saw that whatever changes they made, they could keep the core tool intact.”

“The idea was to show participants how to improve their managerial skills through DiSC, and the use of company-specific details and histories would help cement the course’s insights.”
Among the additions that the organization’s leaders planned was the insertion of their own case studies into each session. The idea was to show participants how to improve their managerial skills through DiSC, and the use of company-specific details and histories would help cement the course’s insights. The consultant says that the power and flexibility of such an approach greatly appealed to the organization’s leaders.

“They said, ‘You mean that we can customize things ourselves, at no extra cost?’ And I said yes,” the consultant says. “They loved that they could adapt and personalize it without having to call in somebody each time.”

With their major requirements fulfilled, the organization’s leaders bought the system. The consultant says that as gratifying as the sale was, an even more important development was that he gained entry to a large client with ever-expanding needs. He believes that this introduction helped him to create a steady customer who would supply sustainable business.

“I have a reason to keep calling them now,” the consultant says. “It really opened them up to everything we offer, and I could move them beyond just buying a few profiles now and then.”

The consultant says that distributors can benefit from Everything DiSC Classic if they make the effort to learn its strengths. He says that going to a larger client and explaining the power of the system can be tremendously advantageous.

“If you point out that we have applications that they can customize and learn themselves, you will usually get a very good response,” the consultant says. “The truth is that Everything DiSC Classic is a great option for them.”

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